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Data Modeling

Data Modeling

Structuring mission critical information into efficient and extensible data models for use with vendor and custom software

System Architecture

System Architecture

Designing secure, highly available, performance oriented infrastructures in the cloud, on premises, or using hybrid solutions

Process Automation

Process Automation

Optimizing and automating workflows using software and standards for increased productivity, consistency, and confidence in results

Software Development

Software Development

Crafting enterprise software solutions by configuring and customizing industry standard COTS platforms, and developing original applications and services

Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

Designing and building high performance enterprise solutions, and analyzing and optimizing acute performance issues for existing business systems

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Charting the path for effective operations and insightful governance of organizational geospatial business systems

Information Security

Information Security

Providing information assurance through attentive design, policy development, and formalized continual process improvement

Spatial Analysis

Spatial Analysis

Delivering insight and awareness using location based data and analytical techniques, for geospatial and nonspatial business systems

Small team,

Big experience


We are a group of GIS and IT professionals who help organizations implement the technology components of their geospatially enabled information systems.


Our career consultants specialize in providing hard-to-find expertise in databases, system architecture, and process automation for large or complex geospatial implementations. Indeed, our core client base comprises other services firms who recognize the value of supplementing their in-house team with a MannionGeo technologist.


We bring this same experience directly to companies, agencies, and institutions in varied disciplines, adding our technology skills to our clients' domain expertise. We have helped our customers build globally distributed systems for an audience of thousands, and local toolsets for a single user.


If you have a need for geospatial technology design, development, or operations support, we would love to talk with you. We thrive on challenges, and look forward to the opportunity to earn your business.


Precision Agriculture


If you work in the agriculture industry, ArcGIS is one of the tools that you use to perform your best.


At MannionGeo, ArcGIS is our industry.


Whether you are just starting out, or scaling an existing implementation across your entire operation, we can help you put the world's most comprehensive GIS platform to work right away. We'll get behind the keyboard so you can get behind the wheel - and out in front of your competition.


To learn more, contact us.

We offer a focused set of technical and business services to a wide variety of industries and clients around the globe



MannionGeo offers both technical and business services, including:


  • Data modeling and database design

  • System architecture design for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments

  • Workflow optimization and automation

  • COTS software configuration and custom software development

  • Performance analysis and optimization

  • Spatial analysis

  • Requirements analysis and strategic planning

  • Information security and compliance



We provide the expertise to help customers implement geospatial technology in any industry, including:


  • Precision agriculture

  • Facilities management

  • Intelliegence and defense

  • Higher education

  • Environmental management

  • National, regional, and local government

  • Water, energy, and communications utilities

  • Software and data development



Our clients include both other services firms, as well as customers using geospatial technologies directly. Our professionals provide:


  • GIS expertise for IT consultants

  • IT expertise for GIS consultants

  • High-end support for growing 8(a) businesses

  • Key personnel for large proposals and projects


MannionGeo is a high-value team member with low workshare requirements. We are always interested in growing our network of industry-specific partners.


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